What We Do


Microjobs Agency

Specialising in Marketing

by Mobile Phones

We serve clients using history’s most valuable business tool – a mobile or cell phone.

You may have noticed everyone around you is reaching for their mobile phone every day – we meet them there. I Work From Phone uses “mobile-first” technologies to disrupt the old way of doing things and create new business models.

Social Media Marketing

Start with promotion of your website from $1! This includes one post of your link on facebook. You can order as many and as often as you like.

Or talk to us about more radical “mobile-first” transformation of your business model.

Case Study One – Multinational Corporate:

An international television shopping network was making about $1,000,000 a day using 24/7 broadcast television in Australia and New Zealand. The costs were high but management believed there was no other way to make that kind of revenue. How did we persuade them to unleash the power of mobile? We created a Facebook Shop that sold $250,000 in just 3 hours (i.e. doubled their revenue rate)!

Case Study Two – Local Family Business:

A local cleaning company had a desktop-based accounting system and sales people only knew how the company was going after management reported at the end of the month. We transitioned them to a mobile accounting solution and now sales people know the company-wide profits every day. Even those sales people who weren’t part of the training, instinctively check the profits on their mobile phone – the increased feedback and validation has not only increased motivation but they have all the information they need when visiting clients. They now plan to double their revenue (from $4 million to $8 million) this year.

If you are a business owner or manager and you’re ready to educate your staff on new profit-generating skills, here’s some of the mobile micro services we can offer your business:

  • Social Media Marketing and Management – our most popular service (including facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumbler, TikTok etc).
  • Creating, Sending & Tracking invoices and payments
  • PA services (email, calendar, newsletter, text messages, phone messages etc)
  • Internet searches and online research (including for presentation preparation)
  • Write blog posts
  • Outbound marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Computer Tech Support
  • Answer emails
  • Create and Send emails
  • Create videos
  • Take photos
  • Create websites
  • Call Centre services
  • Review Apps and online products
  • Generate Leads
  • Pay bills
  • Debt collections
  • Train employees and volunteers
  • Monitor Webcams
  • Create Online Courses
  • Register Internet Domain Names
  • Create Documents (including PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, Excel or Google spreadsheets, Word documents etc)
  • Virtually, anything – just ask!

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