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Royal Show, October 3, 2013. Perth.

Royal Show, October 3, 2013. Perth.

The best thing about working from phone (i.e. having a mobile business ) is that most times it doesn’t feel like work at all. You’re not stuck in a cubicle working for an idiot boss, and you’re not even at home, surrounded by dirty dishes and dirty laundry. You’re out and about, enjoying LIFE, the best of life, as it happens, where it happens!

Today I visited the Royal Show (Perth, Western Australia). I took this photo from the chair lift.
It was a beautiful afternoon – gorgeous sunny weather, and lots of people all gathered in the one place to have lots of fun!

But while I was up there looking down on all the people trudging around below me, I noticed that there weren’t many of us up above. The chair lift had lots of empty chairs on it.

That’s what I usually find at the “top” wherever I go. People seem to think that it’s hard to get to the top, but the truth is, the “top” is usually where things are at their easiest.

It reminds me of that show, “Undercover Boss”, when they try and apply for entry level jobs, the people who they are working for usually say they are hopeless, and they wouldn’t hire them. And yet, they are the people who are running the whole corporation.

The truth is, the top jobs are a lot easier, and a lot more fun, than the Rise and Grind jobs.

Sometimes, to get to the top, you have to start there!

Where would you rather be? On the chair lift or in the crowds slogging it out below?


6 thoughts on “Mobile Business

  1. lilses

    I prefer bottom because I know I am always in the progress of working to the top. It’s problems that cause actions. From when you are in automatic state of continuous progression (which is a skill) you will then find yourself going that extra mile, staying up a little later, working a bit harder but you won’t even notice. You will think you are the same and work even more harder. It’s people around you that will tell you. To make it to the top and mostly probably passed the top (the people that make a difference to the world) you need to find that (pure) drive and (unbreakable) determination that cannot be found anywhere else in the world except at the bottom. If there is hope in the future there is power in the present.

      • lilses

        I thought about being at the top and everything being all nice. Then I discovered that having everything right now may not be the best time to have everything. Why have everything right now when it can be better later on. It is like when you buy something brand new that you like and later on something better comes out. So to I’m at the top right now ain’t really a stable thing to say. I’ll rather say right now I’m preparing a stable position at the top. Because there is one thing we can guarantee and that is everyone has their time and when their time comes will they be in a stable position to take the opportunity,

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