Working From Phone Rocks!


Today is my birthday. I celebrated with friends and family at a small party.

Only 16 people attended.

One person sent me an actual birthday card in the mail.

One person sent me an email card.

One person sent me birthday wishes via LinkedIn.

One person sent me birthday wishes via Instagram.

A few people called me on my mobile.

A few people sent SMS texts.

Even Google gave me a personalised birthday Google Doodle.

No-one on Twitter sent me birthday wishes.

google doodle

But well over 200 people (at last count) from all over the world have sent me birthday messages on my facebook wall – and the day isn’t even over yet.

That’s one of the reasons that I love the mobile lifestyle and working from phone.

It’s not just birthdays, there’s lots of times when even the people who love and care about you most can’t actually be there for you.

But there’s always someone on social media who will engage with you. Social media is about social – it’s about community.

Whether you need answers to a work question, emotional encouragement when you’re feeling down or just someone to share your life with – when you work from phone, there’s always someone “at work” who you can reach out to.

If there’s anything you want me to do for you, that can be done via phone and online, please leave a comment below and let’s work together!


Mobile Business

Royal Show, October 3, 2013. Perth.

Royal Show, October 3, 2013. Perth.

The best thing about working from phone (i.e. having a mobile business ) is that most times it doesn’t feel like work at all. You’re not stuck in a cubicle working for an idiot boss, and you’re not even at home, surrounded by dirty dishes and dirty laundry. You’re out and about, enjoying LIFE, the best of life, as it happens, where it happens!

Today I visited the Royal Show (Perth, Western Australia). I took this photo from the chair lift.
It was a beautiful afternoon – gorgeous sunny weather, and lots of people all gathered in the one place to have lots of fun!

But while I was up there looking down on all the people trudging around below me, I noticed that there weren’t many of us up above. The chair lift had lots of empty chairs on it.

That’s what I usually find at the “top” wherever I go. People seem to think that it’s hard to get to the top, but the truth is, the “top” is usually where things are at their easiest.

It reminds me of that show, “Undercover Boss”, when they try and apply for entry level jobs, the people who they are working for usually say they are hopeless, and they wouldn’t hire them. And yet, they are the people who are running the whole corporation.

The truth is, the top jobs are a lot easier, and a lot more fun, than the Rise and Grind jobs.

Sometimes, to get to the top, you have to start there!

Where would you rather be? On the chair lift or in the crowds slogging it out below?